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Hong Kong



Nov 14th-15th 2018

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Nurture new blood for the hair industry

Improve the operating environment of hair salons

Unleash creativity to enhance technique and standard

Hong Kong Hair & Styling Awards

Venue: HKCEC Convention Hall
Over 200 contestants from ASEAN Countries


Hong Kong Hair & Styling Awards

Venue: HKCEC Convention Hall
Over 200 contestants from ASEAN Countries


International Hair Show and Prize Ceremony

Venue: HKCEC Convention Hall


Audience: Over 1000 Pax

International Salon Management

Venue: HKCEC Theatre 2

Ms. Kang, Yun- Seon

The Founder of Juno Hair

  • In South Korea has more than 150 direct chain salon
  • In Seoul center has a college, including Sassoon College
  • Largest Korean hair company

Mr. Tony Rizzo

The Founder of Alternative Hair Show & Sanrizz Academy

The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation extraordinary hair charity (AH) was celebrated in 1983 by Tony Rizzo and his hairstylist friend He is the son of a child who died of war leukemia and started a charity to fight the disease. Each October by a large number of hair stylists held an extraordinary incredible hair show, the proceeds of the donation to those with war leukemia. It has been 35 years since it was first held in 1983 till now.


The Founder of SPC & Board Chairperson

SPC was founded in 1966, with 51 years of history, Japan has 5000 brand salon members, more than 1400 national directors, is the largest hair salon in Japan. SPC has chapters in China, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States.

Mr. Philip George

Publisher of Disconnect Hair Magazine

International Asia Summit

Theater 2

Session 1

Asia Fashion and Image Design Development Trends

  Session 2

International Hair Industry ” Past, Present, Future”

國際美髮業之 “過去, 現在, 未來”

Session 3

Hong Kong Hair Industry “Past, Present, Future”

香港美髮業之 “過去, 現在, 未來”

Demonstration by Hair Master


Venue: HKCEC room no. S426-S427

Photo Competition 照片作品大賽資料

About us

Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA) was set up by industry enthusiasts in 2010. The association is formally registered in Hong Kong in 2013.

It serves as the guidepost, strengthening synergy within the industry, assisting hairstylists to improve their knowledge and skills, promoting the professionalism and standardization of the hairstyling industry. AHMA is a non-profit making organization aiming at advancing the art of hairstyling, education, promoting business and interaction within the industry. It also provides a platform for hairstyling professionals to perform research and discussions on various aspects of the industry which include the art of hairstyling, latest technology, business management, etc.

AHMA has also established branches in Taiwan, Malaysia and China to promote hairdressing in Asia.

Linda Yip

Linda Yip

Founder of AHMA


Linda Yip, Founder of AHMA, has been driving the development of the industry and putting a lot of efforts and resources in the education and training because she believes this is the catalyst for the industry rebirth. She has established her own charitable fund with scholarships awarded to students in Hong Kong who wish to purse in hairstyling profession in the past years.

Ticket Registration

Event is Free Admission by Registration on First Come First Served Basis

Competition Enrollment

Organisation Support

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Media Support

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Contact us:

Ms. Ella Leung +852 2557 2449

Email: ella@ahma.asia

Ms. Ziggy Huang +86 137 1128 5625

Email: ziggy@ahma.asia

AHMA Centre

2/F, CNT Commercial Centre, No. 302, Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong


The Organizer reserves the right of final decision of the event.
Any changes of contingency measures for the event announced by the Organizer and posted on the Organizer’s website shall prevail.